About Grassroots.org

The mission of Grassroots.org is to serve as a catalyst for positive social change by leveraging modern technologies and business best practices. Grassroots.org spreads important social information via our network of socially-focused web sites, while also providing non-profit organizations with free valuable resources to increase their efficiency and productivity.

Our ultimate goal is to adopt 10,000 nonprofit members, and to provide them each with an average of $10,000 of services per year at no charge (for a total savings of $100 million per year!). Additionally we will continually develop over 30 high profile nonprofit Internet portals in cooperation with specialist partners, utilizing high profile domains such as PlanetEarth.org, Relief.org, ImmigrationReform.com, Philanthropists.org, Diseases.org, Homeless.org, Crime.org, Liberties.com, and Childrens.net